Doric GRIN Cylindrical Microlenses

  • Fiber- or rod-like Doric GRIN cylindrical microlenses are diffraction-limited microlenses with precise diameters and unsurpassed surface quality. When illuminated sideways, these fibers act as perfect 0.5 NA cylindrical lenses. The fused silica cladding and the gradient-index core of these lenses withstand very high temperatures (their transition temperature is approximately 1100°C). They can be used for visible and near-infrared light.

    These lenses are drawn like optical fibers from larger preforms and subsequently cut to desired lengths. Their round cross-section provides a large field of view and simplifies the alignment procedure with the laser diodes. Most of the positioning errors result in simple focusing and beam direction errors. This leads to effective best focus search convenient for automated or manual positioning. These lenses could be used either as fast-axis collimators for single laser diodes or for building cylindrical lens arrays for laser diode bars. Suppose the pitch of laser diode bars or the distance between the laser diode bars is smaller than the lens diameter. In that case, the edges of the lens may be ground, to a certain degree, to the desired width.

    The lens core is made of proprietary graded-index material. Its index profile information is available only upon signing a non-disclosure agreement.

  • Code Description D
    D148-0383 Doric GRIN 60 μm 0.060 0.041 0.011
    D148-0384 Doric GRIN 80 μm 0.080 0.055 0.015
    D148-0385 Doric GRIN 100 μm 0.100 0.069 0.019
    D148-0386 Doric GRIN 120 μm 0.120 0.082 0.023
    D148-0387 Doric GRIN 150 μm 0.150 0.104 0.029
    D148-0388 Doric GRIN 200 μm 0.200 0.138 0.038
    D148-0389 Doric GRIN 250 μm 0.250 0.172 0.047
    D148-0390 Doric GRIN 300 μm 0.300 0.207 0.057
    D148-0391 Doric GRIN 400 μm 0.400 0.276 0.076
    D148-0392 Doric GRIN 500 μm 0.500 0.345 0.095
    D148-0393 Doric GRIN 555 μm 0.555 0.383 0.105
    D148-0394 Doric GRIN 600 μm 0.600 0.414 0.114
    D148-0395 Doric GRIN 750 μm 0.750 0.518 0.143
    D148-0399 Doric GRIN 1500 μm 1.500 1.035 0.285
  • Lens Material Doped fused silica with gradient-index profile
    EFL Tolerance  +/- 3%
    Collimation   over 85% power within 1.3 x diffraction limit
    Design Wavelength  632 nm
    NA  0.50
    Length Tolerance  +/- 0.05 mm
    AR Coating Specification  R < 0.5%, AOI 0-30°
  • Doric GRIN cylindrical microlens
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