• Axicons are optical components with one conical surface that have interesting beam shaping characteristics. When combined with a focusing lens, they generate a circle in their focal plane.

    They can be used to create Bessel or non-diffractive beams. They can maintain a small beam size over a longer distance compared to a gaussian beam.

    Our axicons feature sub-micron surface quality and high control over its base angle.

  • Outer Diameter tolerance  +0.00 / -0.10 mm
    Base Angle tolerance +/- 0.10° (6 arcmin)
    Axicon surface Form Error Peak-to-valley < 0.5 μm
    RMS < 0.1 μm
    Plano surface Flatness < λ/4
    Central Thickness tolerance  +/- 0.05 mm
    AR coating specification  R < 0.5%, AOI 0-30°