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Axicons are optical components with one conical surface that have interesting beam shaping characteristics.  They have been introduced in 1970 to generate a ring-shaped focus point when combined with a focusing lens. 

Another application that emerged in early 2000s is the use of axicon to generate Bessel beam, also called non-diffractive beams, that can maintain a very small beam size over long distance compared to gaussian beam.

Doric Lenses manufacture axicons since 2000 with traditional optical polishing that had some limitations in term of flatness and angle control.  In 2015, we started to manufacture axicons with high accuracy CNC polishing machines, and this increased surface quality to sub-micron precision.

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  • Code Description Glass Type Base Angle
    Hole ID
    Outer Diameter
    AR coating
    D140-0000-000 AXI_PCX_BK7_1.0_25.4_uncoated N-BK7 PCX 1.0 N/A 25.4 2.4 None .pdf
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    D146-1234-011 AXI_PCX_FS_5.0_25.4_uncoated Fused Silica PCX 5.0 N/A 25.4 2.8 None
  • Outer Diameter tolerance  +/- 0.05 mm
    Base Angle tolerance +/- 0.10 deg (6 arcmin)
    Axicon surface Form Error Pt < 0.5 um
    RMS < 0.1 um
    Plano surface Flatness < lambda/4
    Length tolerance  +/- 0.05 mm
    AR coating specification  R < 0.5% AOI 0-30°
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